OUT! Heavy Duty XXL Dog and Puppy Pads, 26 by 30 inches, 30 Pads

Listing Worth: $13.98
Merchandise Worth : $13.98-$13.98 Check Price
Merchandise ASIN: B01BWKMY7I
High Function : THEY’RE BIG – OUT! Heavy Obligation XXL pads (30 ct) are large. Actually large. 75% bigger than our standard-size pads, a complete of 26 x 30 inches. Further giant canine coaching pads with additional robust safety and odor management.

Merchandise Description:

If you imply enterprise about your canine’s “enterprise,” it’s time for OUT! Heavy Obligation XXL Canine Pads. Extra absorbent, constructed to scale back tearing and shredding, and additional robust odor management offers you the arrogance to confront your canine’s messes, and hold them contained.

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